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recognised as The Largest Table Top Land in India by

Parvati Hills is


Our resort is located in the heart of Parvati Hills. Parvati Hills offers a tranquil landscape in the Northern part of Gujarat. This huge mass of land sits at a height of 200 ft above ground level overlooking 2000 acres of natural beauty in Aravali Mountain Range. Its geographic location puts Parvati Hills at an advantage of experiencing pleasant weather throughout the year. The flat land, water bodies, forests with natural flora and fauna make it ideal for adventure, leisure & environmental education. The Resort is located only 125km from Ahmedabad.

Nearby attractions

  1. Model Village in Punsari (17km)

  2. Dev ni Mori (35km)

  3. Polo Forest (60km)

  4. Ambaji (123km)

  5. Udaipur (169km)

  6. Mt Abu (175km)

  7. Kumbhalgarh (252km)

  8. Chittorgarh (278km)

How to get there?

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