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Parvati Hills_0101.jpg

Kutchi Bhunga

Immerse yourself in Kutch's Culture. Our Kutchi Bhungas are crafted by Kutch locals to ensure authentic architecture. These Bhungas are the perfect mix of traditional feel with modern amenities. Experience heritage with a hint of luxury.

Deluxe Cottage

Deluxe Cottages are also inspired by Kutchi architecture that represent the new developments in Kutch villages. From the inside, these cottages have a more contemporary look and feel while staying true to the local architecture. Expect a luxurious experience.

Parvati Hills_0162.jpg
Parvati Hills_0162.jpg

Super Deluxe Cottage

Just like our Deluxe Cottages, our Super Deluxe Cottages are inspired by Kutchi architecture representing the new developments in Kutch villages. All the luxuries of Deluxe, and much more.

Club Cottage

Our newly constructed Club Cottages are designed in a pod of 8 cottages. This pod of cottages share a beautiful courtyard with a lush green garden. These cottages offer a personal backyard balcony where you can relax and enjoy being immersed in nature.

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Royal Suite

Our Presidential Suites are designed to deliver a hospitality experience like none other. All the luxuries of Super Deluxe, and much more.

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